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Buck & Gill:
The latest band of club regulars. Fiona Radford, Nick & Jane O'Farrell and Alistair & Nicky Lodge.
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Fiona Radford & Nick O'Farrell
Erik Pelham:
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Jack and Micky Broadbent
Katie Abbott:
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Eye Watering Ringstingers:
Another new band at the club fronted by Sarah Evison with Pete Brough on Bass and Ian on Djembe.
Mike Wisdom:
Jane Ley {short description of image}
Jane Ley:
Jane O'Farrell:
Mike, Chris and Ian
Alison Jackson Ian, Chris and Mike.
Two relative newcomers to the club, joined here by Mike Wisdom. Impromptu collaborations are often highlights of Residents nights
Roger Heighton
Roger Heighton:

Richard Langridge & Cathryn O'Connor
Sarah Broadbent Karen and Carol
Sarah Broadbent:
Karen and Carol
Karen has now moved south, but Carol continues as a solo performer.

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